Our new "patent pending" HVOF masking system consists of armored fixtures that support custom molded high temperature silicone disposable masking seals.

This system offers the robust shielding of the part just as typical metal masking for HVOF provides but without the problems of taping or bridging.

Our disposable high temp silicone masking seals are more economical than taping labor and tape. Together with custom molded accuracy and repeatability, the Maxol Studios HVOF Masking system will save money and increase productivity.

Introducing Maxol Studios HVOF Masking System

With the Maxol Studios HVOF Masking System you get:

Consistent repeatability, faster booth throughput, less scrap, less rework, no bridging, & fast ROI

The Maxol Studios HVOF Masking System consists of:

1. High performance urethane grit blast masking.
2. Precision manufactured armored metal cases, boxes, or blast shields.
3. Custom molded ceramic or silicone part nesting fixtures.
4. Low cost custom molded silicone masking seals

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