Masking Solutions

Vise Mask Vise MaskSmall grit blast vise mask for large heavy turbine bladesVise MaskBottom view of vise mask.Vise MaskLarge energy […]

Thermal Spray Masking

Maxol Studios LLC has developed extremely useful masking for the thermal spray industry. ‚Äč We manufacture high temperature custom molded […]

Shot Peen Masking

Maxol Studios manufactures state-of-the-art shot peen masking for some of the most demanding applications in the world. Our custom high […]

Grit Blast Masking

Grit blast masking is an essential part of metal part surface preparation. Maxol Studios applies it’s same innovative design and […]

HVOF Masking

Our new “patent pending” HVOF masking system consists of armored fixtures that support custom molded high temperature silicone disposable masking […]