Unique and Fast Tooling Techniques

​Maxol Studios utilizes an artistic yet scientific approach to creating masking geometry. Starting with a part provided by the customer. Maxol Studios creates the mask by applying an industry leading surface duplication process. All surfaces are formed from the actual part to mask and can be designed by Maxol Studios engineering or produced from customer supplied CAD files and, or prints. Along with the exquisite shut offs and surface contouring detail, Maxol Studios masking is fast. Masking for existing machine integration can be turned around in days, not weeks.

Precise Duplication of Surfaces with Precision Silicone Tooling

​Maxol Studios personnel have been leaders for over 25 years in the silicone molding industry. In 1997 Precision Silicone Tooling philosophy was created to define the tolerance capabilities of the flexible natured molding technology. Maxol Studios uses this Precision Silicone Tooling process to duplicate the highly detailed and close match of fitted surfaces. Silicone tooling plays a key role in the success of the high quality product produced by Maxol Studios.

Durable State-of-the-Art Resin Cast Product

​From low durometer urethanes to high temp ceramics, Maxol Studios resin cast product will out perform the competition. This is due to Maxol Studios’ use of only the best high performance resins available. Some resins are custom blended to meet customer specifications like durability, hardness, and even flame resistance. Standard Maxol Studios urethanes out last typical vulcanized rubber while our rigid no shrink epoxies create accurate and reproducible holding fixtures. Specialty resins such as silicone and ceramics are used to create thermal spray masking. Together with innovative low cost tooling, we can design a system to fit your budget and actually save you money.

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